Thursday, April 18, 2013


I have scheduled this post to be posted at 8:45 on Thursday morning. At that time I will be in surgery. I hope this post reminds you to do one thing. Pray.

Pray for me and the medical staff in surgery.
Pray for my husband sitting in the waiting room.
Pray for my beautiful children who are at school.

And while you're at it, just keep on praying.

Pray for those who have disabilities.
Pray for those who are battling cancer.
Pray for those who are homebound.
Pray for those who are depressed.
Pray for the single parents.
Pray for the children who have lost their parents.
Pray for the parents who have lost their children.
Pray for Boston and all who have been effected by the terror.
Pray for the starving.
Pray for the enslaved.
Pray for the homeless.
Pray for the lonely.
Pray for those who serve others selflessly.
Pray for the persecuted.
Pray for those who are sick.
Pray for those who govern.
Pray for your family.
Pray for your friends.
Pray for your enemies.
God knows what's on your heart.

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