Monday, September 12, 2016

On Hold...

I was supposed to have a 3 hour hearing evaluation today to determine whether my left ear is a candidate for a cochlear implant. Last week the office called me and cancelled that appointment in order to make an appointment for me with a physician first. My new appointment is now on September 24. After seeing the physician, we will schedule the hearing evaluation with the audiologist. This timeline just moves so slowly. This is not surprising to me. It took nearly 6 months from my first appointment to my CI activation last time. Then there were numerous mapping appointments following activation to perfect the settings on my device. If this experience has taught me anything, it is patience. But patience is hard and sometimes I get whiny!
So far, "deaf life" is going ok. Some experiences are harder than others to hear. I feel more upbeat about persevering through the tough times because I carry a hope that the outcome will be a positive one. I do pray for healing sometimes, but more often I pray for the doctors, nurses and audiologists that will help me along the way. I know God could heal me if that were His will, but I believe He has other plans for my hearing journey. I hope my heart is listening when He whispers.
The big difference between this journey and the last one is hope. Last time I was filled with desperation and no vision of what the future may hold. This time I am anchored in hope. I know what is possible. I trust in God's perfect timing.

"We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure." Hebrews 6:19

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  1. Hope a beautiful word for a beautiful person inside and out. Prayers continue 4-H friend!